Formerly Titled Change in the Weather by Mark McEwen

Mark McEwenAfter the Stroke: My Journey Back to Life
by Mark McEwen

Mark McEwen was at the top of his game and enjoying life when he suffered a stroke. After 15 years on The Early Show, he had moved to Orlando to anchor the local news and spend more time with his family. While traveling, he experienced symptoms that led him to the hospital, where he was misdiagnosed and sent home. After the Stroke: My Journey Back to LifeTwo days later he collapsed, and his slurred speech and heavy sweating were discounted. Misinformation not only delayed his treatment, but it also nearly cost him his life.

Now, in a candid and moving memoir, America's beloved morning-show weatherman recalls his harrowing journey of rehabilitation from a massive stroke. After the Stroke traces his recovery in the aftermath of stroke.

After the Stroke: My Journey Back to Life signals a change in America's mindset, led by one of our most dynamic new crusaders for stroke victims and their families.


Mark McEwen After the Stroke: My Journey Back to Life © 2008 Published and distributed by Gotham/Penguin Books
Released in 2008 in Hardcover format as "Change in the Weather: Life After Stroke"
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